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Y entregas personales en maracaibo despues de depositar o transferir...

miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010


Shakira for being one of the stars more famous in the world, has acquaintances like she very famous as Alejandro sanz, Juanes, David bisbal, her parents are William Mebarak and Nidia Ripol. her best friend is Gabriel guzman, her boyfriend is Antonio de la Rua. She has many colleagues as britney sperars madonna, olga tañon, but she has something that distigue her of all these stars.
She travel all around the world but one of her favorite places is Uruguay punta del este That is a peninsular city placed in the southern end of Uruguay.

her favorite food is The Arabic cousin, that looks like the Mediterranean food.

domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

my live

I am niuska sanchez, I was born in maturín on April 9, 1985, my parents are Iván sanchez and alida sanchez...

, I have 3 brothers majoris , Iván and Richard who studies medicine, I study ninth semester of social communication audio-visual mention, and live in Maracaibo/venezuela

I am very happy, outgoing, influential and enterprising. Studying i am merchant and work for discotheques, concerts, I do events and sell artists. As felipe Peláez

miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2010

Trends of the mode

i am fashionable and tailor-made, i like To dress very sexy...

she is uses fashionable

she it uses tailor-made

They use old- fashioned

sábado, 13 de marzo de 2010

my family

My parents
my mas is alida tne sanchez, she is Visiting social, She marries this one with my dad ivan sanchez, He is a petroleum engineer and working

It is a very happy marriage,They go 25 united years .

Those who meet major are my aunts ,Those who meet major are my aunts ,And other one is my sister , I is going to have my first nephew

It He is of the lenses is my major brother, He is the petroleum engineer, And it he works in

He is my minor brother,He studies medicine in luz.....

Urban histories in the world

In the year 1987 a fanatic of Elvis Presley, travelled up to Memphis to visit the house and the tomb of the idol died in the year 1977 of a heart attack.

In the year 1987 a fanatic of Elvis Presley, travelled up to Memphis to visit the house and the tomb of the idol died in the year 1977 of a heart attack

On the basis of this he wrote a letter to the photographic laboratory and of the same one they sent the reply saying that neither the photo nor the negative was presenting some alteration, which takes to the conclusion that the photo is real. If an extension is done on the figure, it is possible to observe with clarity the unmistakable silhouette of the singer and in spite of the fact that the credibility of this history is put in doubts, represents one of the appearances of ghosts of famous more popular, since itm he provoked that the persons' quantity that is in the habit of visiting the sanctuary of the singer grows considerably.

lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010

The ghost of the capitol in maracaibo

The inhabitants maracuchos tell that in the house of the capitulation it appears in ghost of josefa Caballero.

She was a landlady of keys and fond of Babysitter , and one day was found murdered by 7 stabs.

Since then the ghost strolls around for the corridors of the House of Capitulation asking for peace.

This house is very ancient and in it slaves and soldiers died in the naval battle of the lake the maracaibo

The house of capitulaciones